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Herb Festival

Herb Festival in Waldviertel – a sensual voyage of discovery
When the herbs are at their prime, their fragrance revitalises our senses.
Then it is not long to go until "Maria Himmelfahrt".
This day, August 15th, is the day the herbs are blessed and this is an important day in Waldviertel.

It is the day, when SONNENTOR invites family and friends to its’ annual "Waldviertel Herb Festival" and to the "Open Day at SONNENTOR", which attracts more than 5.000 visitors each year.

The Herb Festival is a place where people gather to show their appreciation for the gifts of nature and where knowledge and wisdom is shared.
Visitors also get the opportunity to look behind the scenes and learn more about herbs and how they are grown and processed.

Come and join us – we look forward to seeing you!

Picture gallery 2007

There was lots of sunshine and a fantastic atmosphere at the Herb Festival 2007

Picture gallery 2006

Hundreds of visitors celebrate together with SONNENTOR

Picture gallery 2005

Impressions from our first SONNENTOR Herb Festival