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Lemon Chicken with Fortune Blossom Spice Blend

For those who like a fresh chicken dish.

Ingredients for 4 people: 

4 chicken breast (skinless and boneless), cut into 8 pieces (lengthwise)
16 slices streaky bacon
16 fresh lemon slices 

Olive oil

Port wine (or sweet red wine)
2 tbsp butter 

SONNENTOR Fortune Blossom Spice Blend


Season chicken pieces with salt and put a slice of lemon on the top and bottom. Wrap 2 slices of streaky bacon around the chicken and lemon. Heat oil in a pan and brown chicken pieces on both sides (about 8 minutes) Set chicken aside, cover and let rest.
Add port wine and a knob of butter to pan together with the juice that has gathered under the chicken and simmer for a couple of minutes. Season with Fortune Blossom Spice Blend, put chicken breasts back into pan and heat for a few minutes.
Serve with rice and lightly cooked vegetables or with a salad.