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Fiery ENERGY Ratatouille

SONNENTOR zum Sammeln - Rezept Nr. 13

“Flower-Power” Poppy Seed Torte

SONNENTOR zum Sammeln - Rezept Nr. 10

Peppermint sorbet

A peppermint flavoured treat for all summer lovers.

Shantis lentil patties on red beet vegetables

Indian style lentil patties combined with the red power root vegetable - simply delicious.

Mrs Wong’s Risotto

A delicious rice dish with Asian style vegetables.

Yoko’s vegetable tofu casserole

A delectable vegetarian vegetable and tofu casserole.

Nana’s pea and mint soup with polenta slices

Refreshing mint in a warming soup!

Crown roast of lamb with mint pesto and celery-potato gratin

A sensory sensation and a feast for the eyes!