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NEW: Tea Advent Calendar in a new packaging

It is unique and the highlight of the year: the Tea Advent Calendar from SONNENTOR.

24 tea bags filled with delicious organic SONNENTOR teas are fragrant companions for the lead up to a magical Christmas. Enjoying Advent Calendar Teas is a lovely way to relax and relish this special time of the year, cup by cup.

Enjoying Christmas, cup after cup
In a traditional red packaging and decorated with delightful illustrations, the Tea Advent Calendar can be folded open and placed in the kitchen or dining room to create a festive atmosphere. Little angels diligently decorate garlands with all kinds of Christmassy ornaments - what delight! This is the perfect moment to sit down and relax with one of 24 fragrant Advent Calendar Tea varieties.

As a special surprise, each Advent Calendar Tea package contains a little booklet with 24 reflective thoughts to accompany us through a festive Christmas season. Christmas is near!