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Spice Advent Calendar

Fragrant Advent treasures

Cooking and eating together, spending time with each other and sharing flavours from around the world – what a great way to spend time in anticipation of Christmas. It is during this lead up to Christmas that we traditionally serve special delicacies. Our new Spice Advent Calendar presents a delicious inspiration for every day of Advent. The magical design of the box evokes wonderful childhood memories and enriches every kitchen with its charming Christmas illustrations.

Discovering new as well as long forgotten culinary delights
The Spice Advent calendar’s 24 herb and spice blends inspire you to get creative and, what’s more, each box holds recipes with delightfully simple cooking ideas. Our organic farmers grow and carefully dry these exquisite herbs and spices with great attention to craftsmanship and the people at SONNENTOR gently put them into their perfect packaging. This is how our unique herb and spice blends are created. It fills us with joy when they conjure festive flavours on the plate and fill homes and kitchens with irresistibly fragrant aromas. Widow Bolte’s Chicken Spice Mix delicately refines succulent poultry, festive roasts taste even more delicious with Aunt Mizzi’s Roast Seasoning, Sven's Fish Seasoning wraps large and small fish in a savoury herb crust, and even simple potatoes turn into inviting treasures with Sieglinde's Potato Spice Mix.

In addition to our savoury mixtures, there are also some sweet temptations that will enrich the time before Christmas with their delightful smells: Sweet Potpourri, Chai Kiss Blossom-Spice Sugar and Aladdin Coffee Spice Mix are just some of what we have on offer. Their flavours will enhance spicy gingerbread, cookies, cake, punch and Christmas desserts. Whether old favourites or surprising new discoveries, the extensive range of spices from around the world captured in our herb-spice blends make the Spice Advent Calendar a very special Christmas taste experience.