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NEW: Grill spices with a difference

Get fired up with our new grill spice range: Smokey Paprika, Smokey Salt, Rub me Tender, Steak That and Fish& Chicks and Holy Veggie

As soon as the last traces of winter have disappeared, and the first warm rays of sunshine touch the ground, our imagination goes wild! Juicy steaks, smokey vegetables, spicy sauces and glowing BBQ coals come to mind. Do you feel the same? Barbecuing is just such an awesome thing!
All you need is friends and family, an open-air barbecue spot and a six-pack. And no, we do not mean beer, but our new spices that leave no barbecue wishes unfulfilled.

A six-pack for grilling

The grilling season has officially started! Smokey Paprika, Smokey Salt, Rub me Tender, Steak That, Holy Veggie and Fish & Chicks. Available as single spices or in a practical six-pack!


Vegetables are your thing? Holy Veggie makes vegetables the highlight of the meal. Ramsons and Nori ensure that the alleged side dish is centre stage. Mix Holy Veggies with oil, blend to a paste and coat vegetables. Ready, set, go!


Steak cooked on red hot coal deserves some special seasoning. Uncomplicated and aromatic, like the meat itself, is this blend with rosemary and dried tomatoes. Combine with oil, paste the meat before and after grilling. Let the meat rest for a few minutes. Enjoy!


This mixture will do fish and chicken equal justice. Lemon and pepper bring the ideal combination of fruitiness and fine spiciness to the table. Rub onto fish or chicken and off you go!


Smoking and grilling are your thing? Carefully massaging the mixture into the meat makes it tender and tasty. The spice mix with juniper makes grilled food spicy, aromatic and enticing. For best results generously rub the meat with the mixture, let it marinate for two hours and grill indirectly. Also ideal as a flavouring with honey and soy sauce. It makes the meat super tender!


Simple, tasty, unique. The traditionally smoked paprika provides distinctive aromas. Steaks & Co like losing themselves in its fine, smokey paprika nuances. For best results, prepare a paste of oil and spice, coat meat and leave for at least 1 hour. Peppers burn very quickly, so pay attention to the heat and do not cook the meat directly over the glowing coals.


Our smoked sea salt is the grill expert among the salts. It is traditionally smoked with beech smoke. Its exquisite aromas and delicate smokiness provide for true taste explosions. Sprinkle the salt on grilled goodies.