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Green coffee

Green coffee enjoyment from a tea bag, either pure or in two new varieties

Pure Green Coffee
Green, unroasted coffee beans are the basis for this unique drink and give it its special aroma: a bright green colour in the cup is as surprising as its fresh, earthy flavour. This drink gently revives the senses and is particularly suitable for those who focus on mindful and reduced eating. Recently, two new, harmonious compositions have been added to the SONNENTOR Green Coffee range.

Green Coffee is prepared like tea. Filled in practical infusion bags, a unique beverage can be served in the blink of an eye: pour approximately 200ml of boiling water over a Green Coffee teabag, steep for 2-3 minutes and the drink is ready for your to enjoy. SONNENTOR Green Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee of the Caturra variety and comes from a cultivation project in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua.

The light green cup of Green Coffee smells pleasantly of hay and spring meadows. The taste is reminiscent of freshly picked peas and is complemented by subtly sweet and earthy notes.

NEW: Green coffee is now available in two new varieties:
Green Coffee-Cardamom & Green Coffee-Peppermint

Green Coffee-Cardamom
In tropical Nicaragua, cardamom and coffee plants grow side by side and in this delightful product their flavours go together extremely well. The coffee and spice blend yields an extraordinary and distinctive flavour combination.

Green Coffee-Peppermint
The refreshing flavour of peppermint wonderfully complements the pea-like flavour of Green Coffee. For those who prefer a second component to the unique taste of green coffee, this mix is a refreshing alternative. Especially recommended as a thirst-quenching drink in summer.