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Rodriguez' Chili con Carne & Barbossa’s Caribbean Kitchen

Our “Spice Journey around the World” assortment has a new addition

SONNENTOR is taking you on a culinary voyage of discovery.
The smells and flavours of Africa, America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia are waiting for you. The colours of India, the “American Way of Life”, the legendary oriental coffee culture will awaken your sense of discovery. SONNENTOR whisks you away to exotic places – it’s almost like being there. Back in Europe, SONNENTOR has some special spice creations for the local cuisine in store. These spices will inspire to try out new dishes, making adventure journeys in the kitchens easy - without packing suitcases and booking tickets.

NEW: Rodriguez' Chili con Carne
It’s time for some fiery Mexican food!
This spice mix with paprika, tomatoes, oregano, garlic and chili, is versatile to use in Mexican cuisine such as stews, chili sin carne,
noodles, rice or minced meat dishes.

NEW: Barbossa’s Caribbean Kitchen
Caribbean flavours in your own home! This exciting blend of lemongrass, coriander and mango refines fish, shrimp, white meat and vegetables in a very exotic way.