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New products

Adios salt - seasoning without salt!

3 vegetable mixes that add flavour to any food - no salt!

Green coffee

Green coffee enjoyment from a tea bag, either pure or in two new varieties

NEW: Tea Advent Calendar in a new packaging

It is unique and the highlight of the year: the Tea Advent Calendar from SONNENTOR.

Spice Advent Calendar

Fragrant Advent treasures

Spice pyramids for cooking

Spices make dishes come alive. The taste explosions they provide turn food into incomparable culinary pleasures.

Rodriguez' Chili con Carne & Barbossa’s Caribbean Kitchen

Our “Spice Journey around the World” assortment has a new addition

Manuka Honey

A very special flower honey!

Turmeric Latte – the new trendy beverage!

Turmeric Latte spice mixtures in two varieties - vanilla and ginger!

Fruit Tea – Try It!

Having trouble choosing? There is no need to!

New: Turmeric Tea in 3 varieties

Flowery, Mild and Golden Turmeric Tea are always there when you need a superhero.