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Travelling with sun-power

With the purchase of two electric cars, SONNENTOR has taken a further step towards sustainability.

We at SONNENTOR take the concept of sustainability very seriously. Just how important it is for us, is evident in the purchase of two electric cars, of which the first one, a Renault Kangoo Z.E covered in SONNENTOR designs, has been delivered. Stylish, safe and silent and with the power to go a distance of 170km, the SONNENTOR team can now travel in a sustainable way. The car is refuelled in the new in-house Kangoo electric station, which is powered by a solar system and is available free of charge to all visitors.

Expected arrival time of the little brother of the Kangoo, a Renault Twizy, is April. The two-seater is ideal for running small errands and everyone at SONNENTOR is looking forward to the new addition.