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SONNENTOR products are palm oil-free.

We at SONNENTOR have looked intensively into the issue of palm oil and now refrain completely from using it in our products.

Palm oil is one of the most commonly used carriers in food and cosmetic products. However, its production and use must be viewed critically as the increased demand worldwide has resulted in huge monocultures in Asia, Central America, and many more countries. SONNENTOR has looked into this issue and found a way to dispense entirely with the use of palm oil. We have created a quality seal which decorates our palm oil free products.

Palm oil is everyhwere – currently, it can be found in every other food item. It is used in chocolate bars, ice cream and pizza and even in soap and lipsticks. One third of the world’s vegetable oil consumption is derived from the palm fruit. Around one million tonnes of palm oil per year are used in products in Germany alone (in Austria approximately 50,000 tons per year according to Greenpeace) and the demand is rising.

Due to this rapidly growing demand, arable land taken for palm oil cultivation is expanding at an alarming rate. Palm oil, unlike any other product, is a synonym for the destruction of nature.
We have all seen pictures of bulldozers milling through rainforests, leaving a trail of destruction and orangutans trying to run to safety.

In line with the SONNENTOR philosophy
We used to use palm oil in our products. For example in biscuits that are baked in a bakery here in Waldviertel. The issues connected with the production of this oil have motivated us to look for a substitute for palm oil. We spent more than a year researching and have gradually introduced alternative ingredients. These new ingredients needed to meet our requirements in terms of our SONNENTOR philosophy and the quality of our products where neither taste nor consistency would be compromised.

Consequently, our complete biscuit assortment is now palm oil free as are many other SONNENTOR products: spelt sticks are made with olive oil from Italy and our cracker line is now made with sunflower oil. Phasing out palm oil will be continued throughout 2015.

The SONNENTOR ‘palm oil free’ seal
This new seal shows that no palm oil has been used in the production of the respective SONNENTOR products and provides a guidline for consumers looking for palm oil free products.