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SEA winner

SONNENTOR, together with nine other companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, was awarded ‘Best Project’ at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Awards (SEA) held on April 19th.

"We are very excited to be the recipients of this international award, which is all about ethical business actions and conduct. We want to be able to look at our next generation with a clear conscience and treat each other and our environment in a respectful manner. Further, social responsibly, ecology and economy are not contradictory – and SONNENTOR is proof of this”, says founder and CEO, Johannes Gutmann.

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award is an international award for sustainable business, and has been bestowed on eligible companies in Austria for the first time. SEA is awarded to companies, which have already set an important impetus for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, recognise social, environmental and economic responsibility and take these a step further. Moreover, these companies complement their cooperative social responsibility with solution-oriented and sustainable strategies for the benefit of society and the environment - but in keeping with their own corporate earnings. Companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia received the "Best Project" award, including SONNENTOR.
For more information on SEA, please go to www.se-award.at

Photo from left to right:
Barbara Pramreiter (Saubermacher), Torsten Klingelhöfer (Saubermacher), Sonja Aigner, Dr. Franz Fischler, Ewald Redl (Managing director of SONNENTOR), Heinz Hoffer (Leitbetriebe Austria), Christina Weidinger (sea-founder), Indir Petra Bauer, Karin Wagner (SONNETOR)
(Photo Credit: SEA)