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Johannes visits organic coffee farmers in Nicaragua

Join Johannes and Joschi on their trip to Nicaragua, which takes them through forests and past active volcanoes, to the SONNENTOR family of organic farmers.

The world of coffee cherries and small fincas, farms in the rain forest.
Hannes and Joschi have been on yet another voyage together. This time they went to Central America, or more precisely, to Nicaragua. The country, which is surrounded by Honduras, Costa Rica, the Pacific and the Caribbean, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Together with bananas and cotton, coffee is one of their main commodities. The journey took them past active volcanoes and rain forests, directly to Jinotega in northern Nicaragua where farmer Don Emilio and his family were excited about the visitors from the Austrian forest district. Don Emilio, his wife and five children live on a small finca in the middle of the rain forest. They dedicate their time to growing the finest organic Arabica beans, on about three hectares of Nicaragua’s highlands. Tirelessly, they harvest, wash and dry the green coffee cherries bean by bean and only the best are selected and exported.

“We are delighted to have found people who share our philosophy and beliefs in such a faraway country,” says Johannes. Join Johannes and Joschi on their journey.
Our advice: While reading, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of SONNENTOR coffee and let the sun of Latin America into your heart!