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“Common Good Pioneer”

“Economics for the Common Good" is a form of economy in which motives and goals are reversed from profit-orientation and competition to human welfare and cooperation. SONNENTOR gives priority to community welfare and to cooperation rather than profit

We see human dignity, solidarity, cooperation, trust, social responsibility and respect as core values of our economic conduct. These values are shared with pioneer companies of Economics for the Common Good. SONNENTOR has been living by these principles for 23 years. "We strive to combine our own benefit, community and social benefit”, said founder and SONNENTOR CEO Johannes Gutmann. "Economics for the Common Good” is a form of economic activity where the goal is the common good rather than profit – that is what we support, because it’s only then that “joy can grow”.

Recent research shows that this type of economy suits human nature. According to the Austrian Attac-founder, Christian Felber, common good economy is based on the values that are vital for successful interpersonal relationships. The central element and measuring tool for the success of a company is the level of common good. Therefore, crucial for business success is not the balance sheet, but the height of this level, which is assessed in various fields, such as ethical procurement, job quality, ethical and social aspects of selling products and of services. The efforts of the company are recorded, verified by external auditors and the results are published and obtainable by the public. The better the results, the more "rewards" - such as extra funding the company receives. It can be seen as an incentive to continuously improve and develop in line with the values of common good economy.

SONNENTOR is a co-founder of the Bad Blumau Manifesto and consequently among the first companies to have created the common good balance, and is therefore proud to be a role model for many other likeminded companies. This makes joy grow!

More information on common good economics and reports can be found under www.gemeinwohl-oekonomie.org.