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klima:aktiv (Austrian Climate Protection Initiative) acknowledges climate-friendly SONNENTOR buildings!

Certificate awarded by klima:aktiv for climate-friendly design of the office and events building "Geist und Genussreich" (area for spirit and joy) in the herb village of Sprögnitz!

klima:aktiv honours the climate-friendly SONNENTOR building!
klima:aktiv is a nation-wide initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Life for active climate protection. The focus is on the reduction of greenhouse emissions in the areas of construction and renovation, renewable energy sources, transport and communities. The building sector is a key component of the climate change initiative. The klima:aktiv quality mark process assesses and evaluates energy efficiency, quality of planning and execution, quality of building materials and construction as well as the comfort and indoor air quality of a building. The Austrian klima:aktiv certification is only awarded to buildings and renovations that achieve the highest standards in these areas. Approved klima:aktiv buildings can be viewed at www.klimaaktiv-gebaut.at

We at SONNENTOR are thrilled about this certification, which acknowledges our efforts in the area of climate protection.
Let the joy grow!