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SONNENTOR products are palm oil-free.

We at SONNENTOR have looked intensively into the issue of palm oil and now refrain completely from using it in our products.


Sustainability is paramount and implemented in all areas of the business. Through research and innovation, the company has been able to switch approximately 80% of its packaging materials to renewable raw materials.

“Common Good Pioneer”

“Economics for the Common Good" is a form of economy in which motives and goals are reversed from profit-orientation and competition to human welfare and cooperation. SONNENTOR gives priority to community welfare and to cooperation rather than profit

SEA winner

SONNENTOR, together with nine other companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, was awarded ‘Best Project’ at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Awards (SEA) held on April 19th.

Climate Protection Award Winner 2011

The joy continues to grow: SONNENTOR shines at the Austrian Climate Protection Awards and is the winner of the "Agriculture and Trade" category!

Travelling with sun-power

With the purchase of two electric cars, SONNENTOR has taken a further step towards sustainability.

SONNENTOR has been thoroughly examined and passed the inspection with flying colours!

“Austria Bio Garantie”, the leading Austrian organic auditor, visited SONNENTOR.

klima:aktiv (Austrian Climate Protection Initiative) acknowledges climate-friendly SONNENTOR buildings!

Certificate awarded by klima:aktiv for climate-friendly design of the office and events building "Geist und Genussreich" (area for spirit and joy) in the herb village of Sprögnitz!

Johannes visits organic coffee farmers in Nicaragua

Join Johannes and Joschi on their trip to Nicaragua, which takes them through forests and past active volcanoes, to the SONNENTOR family of organic farmers.

“Spice Journey around the World” wins Best New Product Award

SONNENTOR “Spice Journey around the World” was awarded best new product in the Gourmet food & Spices category at BioFach 2012.