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Team Spirit & Company Philosophy

"Employees are a company’s biggest assets". This is the base for the company’s high quality work and achievements. The department for personal development with its advisory and supporting role is an important instrument for seeing the potential in each staff member and for integrating and continuously developing this potential.

The focus at SONNENTOR is on personal development of their employees. Whether it is selecting new staff members or in daily work situations, social competence and professional qualifications are important requirements and building blocks.

Exceptional working conditions, high involvement, fun, outstanding customer service, independence, and a high level of responsibility are some of the characteristics of our team culture. Each team member takes on the responsibility for the quality of their work. Respect, open communication and personal effort is the basis for successful cooperation.
Each staff member gets the opportunity for professional development within their personal potential and capability.

Our "sunny" working environment is nurtured by "outside the workplace" activities in relaxed atmosphere, e.g. celebrations or field trips.
As a consequence to our growth and dynamic company philosophy, personal development is paramount and the foundation for further achievements.

"When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others windmills."
(Chinese proverb)

Our testimony
In 2008, SONNENTOR employed 100 staff member in the home plant in Sprögnitz and has grown to be an important employer in the region.